Monday, August 8, 2016

Our New Adventure - Bittersweet

Hey, gang,

Well, this is the last full week we will be in our old house. So weird to be moving after 17 years!

I spy a Fitzy photo bomb!

We're excited and sad at the same time.

I especially feel for Hubby and the boys. This is the house Hubby lived in since he was 5 (minus those 3 years we lived in a rental as newlyweds). And it's the only house the boys have ever known.

I'm feeling pretty sad, too ... so many memories here.

But I know God has wonderful things in store for us, and we're excited to see what He's doing.

Speaking of those wonderful things ...

We have bricks on one whole side now! WOOHOO!

I never realized how hard it is to get a good picture of a brick wall.

This picture is from the boys' bathroom window. SO EXCITING to see bricks on the windowsill! :)

We also saw some trim and doors sitting in the garage just waiting to be installed. And the cabinets should be going in sometime this week. I'll DEFINITELY be posting lots of pictures of those beauties!

Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Our New Adventure - Quick Update

Hey, friends!

Just a quick update on our pretty girl. :)

This is a slow time -- lots of drywall finishing and priming, etc. But we saw this yesterday:

Of course, I will now break out into a rousing rendition of "Brick House."

Chick's a cow, chick's a cow, chick's a cow now.

You're welcome.

I love this artsy shot of the front porch.

Isn't she lovely?

(Oh, another song just popped into my head! And who said the 70s had dreadful music?)

While all that excitement is going on outside, some cool stuff is happening inside as well.

Drywall is done ... painting is happening!

I didn't get a picture of the boys by the fireplace this time, as they were ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. checking things out. But I did get this sweet shot of D-bug looking out his window:

I just got an email from Jason (builder) that the trim and cabs are going in NEXT WEEK! SQUEEE!!

Have a great weekend, peeps!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Showing Some Skin


Family room
Her guts are covered and she's showing some skin.

D-bug's room - that ceiling though!
It actually looks like a house now!

Beebee's room - so cute!

It also looks bigger. I thought the house would look smaller with the walls up and all closed off, but it looks larger. Optical illusion?

Playroom -- I can definitely see some shiplap in here!

Our excitment level just went up a notch!

Our bedroom -- love!
And now the decorating ideas are flowing.

My office-- I see bookshelves under those eaves

Going up!

Man, October needs to hurry up and get here!

On the current home front, all inspections are done and the buyers ask only that we leave the refridgerator (which we were planning to do anyway) and replace the vinyl floor in the half bath (small tear in the floor). THAT'S IT.

We were so concerned that they'd want us to replace the water heater, do some painting, fix some electrical, etc. But, God did it again! :)

So now, we're doing some vinyl shopping and apartment hunting. No luck on finding a rental house for only a few months, but there are several pet-friendly apartment complexes close by that have short-term lease options. Hoping that we all enjoy our close quarters and that the dogs don't drive me nuts being stuck inside without the big yard. Thankfully, we will be moving into the apartment a few weeks before school starts, so we will be settled before the homework kicks in.

Prayers for the move (and my sanity) are appreciated. ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Raise the Roof!

Hey, peeps! Sorry it's been a while ... honestly, house stuff has been a bit boring lately. All of the "rough mechanicals" (plumbing, electrical, gas, networking, HVAC, etc.) have been going in over the last two weeks, so not much to write about.

But I do have one VERY exciting bit of news ...



(insert 80s dance song of your choice)

We close near the end of August, so now we're on the hunt for a place to live until this beauty is done.

Do you see that? WINDOWS!

Now for some more pics! :)

We have HVAC ductwork in:

Ductwork in the attic

Ductwork in D-bug's room

Return vent in hall

And plumbing:

Water lines running between floors

Plumbing for master bathroom sinks

Laundry room plumbing

They've also outlined the kitchen set-up:

Kitchen island location
Range location

And the tubs are in ... and filled with water??

Boys' tub

Master bath is coming along

Master shower -- that bench is a little wonky (!)

And our bricks are onsite and waiting patiently to be put to use:

Bricks hanging out around the porch

I found these little weirdos in the fireplace:

Don't ask. I have no idea.

A few days later, the fireplace looked like this:


So, from now on, our obligatory fireplace shots will look like this:

They look almost sweet in this one!

When we visiting the house yesterday, we saw this:

And this:

Newtork hub location in closet

And this:

Back door is in!
And, finally, THIS!

A ROOF!! With shingles and everything!

This Friday, we have our pre-drywall inspection. SO. EXCITED. This will be our last chance to take pictures of the "guts" before they put "skin" on her, so I'll be snapping up a storm.

Have a good week!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Busy week!

Hey, gang,

Sorry for not writing sooner ... it's been a busy week, on the home building front, work front, kids front, life front ... but enough of that! Let's see some progress!

The stairs are in!

I spy a D-bug photo bomb!

We finally got to see the upstairs. SO. MUCH. FUN.

(Remember, we currently have a ranch style home, and Hubby and I have only ever lived in ranch houses, so having stairs is very exciting. Yes, it doesn't take much.)

The landing:

D-bug's room:

Beebee's room:

Laundry room:

Y'all just don't know how stupid excited I am about this room!!
Boys' bathroom:


I think the playroom has the best view in the house:

My office:

Our bedroom:

Our bathroom:

Here's a panoramic shot of our bathroom (hard to get a good pic of it):

The obligatory fireplace shot:

The "coming down the road" shot:

Beebee from his window:

Y'all ... walking around upstairs, we felt like we were HOME. I told Hubby I just wanted to pitch a tent in our bedroom and live there right now.

God is SO good to us, and we've done NOTHING to deserve it. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy and grace and goodness and love for us! And thank you for this new adventure!