Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our New Adventure -- T minus 3 Days...

and counting!!

hard to get a straight picture while taking it out the car window :)
We close Friday!!


(cue angel choirs)

We've been doing some shopping lately, too.

A few weekends ago, we went to IKEA and I got the cute chandy for the laundry room!

Totes adorbs, right? And only $40!!!

The boys went with us ... and tried out EVERY. LAST. SITTING. SURFACE.

We also found a CUTE new sectional (Kivik) that we are pondering for the family room:

It's huge and very similar to the Karlstad we have now (WHY did they discontinue that wonderful thing?!). We're thinking about moving Karl to the play room upstairs and getting the Kivik for the family room downstairs.

We're also trying to figure out what to do downstairs for the TV. This is a possibility, but not sure:

I think we'll have to live there for a while and let the house tell us what it wants. :)

We're also thinking about the Hemnes dressers for the boys' rooms. I'd love one in navy blue, but right now they only offer black, white and some red-orange color. So that's on the "ponder list" too.

We've also been looking at fridges, and found one by Samsung that we really liked at Lowe's about 4 weeks ago. It was on sale for a really good price, but we couldn't buy it then because they wouldn't hold it for us that long.

So we went back this weekend to purchase it, and lo and behold, the price had gone up $700.

Really, Lowes? That's how you're going to play us? After all of the $$$ we've given to you over the years??

So we went looking online, and came across another fridge (Kenmore) that we liked even better and that got higher ratings. But it was a tad more than the Samsung, so we weren't sure.

Last night we went to our local Sears outlet to look around. They had the little sister of the Kenmore fridge we wanted (and the same Samsung we'd picked out at Lowe's for the same price ... interesting).

We asked if they had the exact one we wanted. "Nope, but we can order it online." Ok!

So we ordered the Kenmore online in the Sears store, and got a discount and free shipping, so it ended up being LESS than the Samsung we originally wanted. (no picture of it ... sorry!)

And, cherry on top -- it'll be delievered the day we move in.

Definitely a God-thing there!

We also went to World Market (a personal favorite) this past weekend just to look around, and found these sweet curtains for the kitchen!

And they were ON SALE! And machine washable (which is a necessity in a house with two boys and two dogs).

Segue ...

I want a round table for our breakfast room, and have been looking online for months. But each one I like is $1000+.

Umm ... NOPE.

We have 6 chairs already for our breakfast table, but our current table is old and rectangular -- and in the rectangular kitchen, it would just be too much. (Side note: I'm thinking about repurposing the old table for my desk in the new office!)

So I want something that would seat at least 4 (preferably 6), has a natural, distressed feel, and doesn't cost more than my car. Is that so much to ask?

Then I came across this beauty at WM:

$100 off, 15% off coupon and free shipping?!?!

Yes, please.

Another segue ...

That HUGE island needs some seating and I've been back and forth about what I want in there. I've been checking Pinterest and found lots of things I like, but they've all been super expensive. (Seriously, people? $300+ for a counter stool that will be wearing the remnants of Lucky Charms every day of its life? Just no.)

While randomly surfing the web last week, I found these lovelies on Wayfair:


The color name is "Dream Blue." Well if that's not perfect, I don't know what is!

And ... ready for the price?

$62.50 each.

We've also picked out a dining table at World Market, but my wallet has told me in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that I need to slow my roll when it comes to shopping.

Maybe I should've named this post "Buy All The Things!"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our New Adventure -- She's Almost Done!


Our pretty girl is almost done.

NINE MORE DAYS until we close.

Just a bit more painting to do and some final touches to add. We have our first walkthrough this Friday, and then we close next Friday.

It's been quite a journey, and even though we are excited, we're not WOOHOO excited, but more of a quiet "yay" excited.

This process hasn't been what I'd call fun. But it has been a huge learning experience ... one that we do not want to repeat it again anytime soon.

Like EVER. :)

But once we get those keys in our hands, it will be so worth it.

We did finally close on our old house. It was purchased by the sweetest older couple who are THRILLED with the house and excited to have a huge yard as they love gardening. They will fit right in to the neighborhood, and we're happy that everything worked out for them in the end.

We constantly see God's fingerprints throughout this process, even when He was quiet as we waited for the old house closing to happen. Those two weeks were uber stressful, but our faith stood firm (sometimes it felt like our faith was all we had!). God is always faithful and is always working, even when (and especially when) we can't see what He's up to.

One of my coworkers told me that we have to go through the test in order to have the testimony.


Thanks for joining us on our new adventure. I can't believe it's almost over ... that it's already been six months. But, soon, the real adventure will start -- beginning our life in our new nest!

PS - I haven't been taking as many pictures lately because the builder keeps the house locked up tight to protect it from any bad people who would want to hurt our pretty girl before she's done. So we have to schedule times to go inside with the builder or the agent, therefore less pictures.

But don't worry -- once we're in, there will be PLENTY of pictures! :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Pretty Girl Update

Hey, peeps,

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. We've been stupid busy.

  • We packed up the old house (which took over a WEEK. Seriously -- we have TOO. MUCH. STUFF.)
  • We cleaned the old house. And then cleaned some more. And then cleaned some more. And then did some cleaning touch-ups.
  • We moved into the apartment -- AKA our temporary domicile. 
  • We learned that our pups can hold their bodily functions for a full THREE DAYS. 
  • We learned that our pups are VERY picky about where they poop, especially when it's not in their own yard.
  • We realized that just because you have a closing appointment for a specific date/time, that doesn't always mean the closing will happen on that specific date/time.
  • We found out that the VA can be difficult to work with and that they like to decide 90 minutes before a closing that they have "some more questions that need to be answered before giving final approval to the buyer."
  • We grew (and are continuing to grow) in our faith and trust in God to get us through a very trying time, especially when it comes to our closing being indefinitely postponed.
As you can see, these past two weeks have not been the most pleasant of our lives. But we continue to see God's fingerprints all over this process, and we're waiting and watching for him to show up and show off! 

Now -- to the fun stuff ...

We got to visit our pretty girl for the first time in two weeks.

And I got to see my kitchen with the cabinets installed.


I can't even.

That island has stolen my heart. Even with a layer of dust and grime.

Look at those chunky legs!

Seriously -- all the heart eyes!!!!!

And it doesn't stop there ... look at our shower!


Close up of the shower floor -- please disregard the cry for help coming from my toenails:

Here's the master vanity:

I don't think we had that much counter space in our old kitchen! I've always shared one sink since I was born -- first with two brothers, and now with the Hubs -- I don't know what I'm going to do with my OWN SINK.

Here's a snap of the boys' bathroom:

And the laundry room -- cannot wait to buy that sweet little chandlier and hang it up!

Here's the upstairs landing. You can see that over the top light fixture ... looking forward to that being gone too.

And here are the subway tiles just waiting to be installed in the kitchen:

Does anyone else think it's funny that tiles from the "United States Ceramic Tile" company are made in China?

Some of the outside lights have been installed, too.

And not to be left out, the usual fireplace shot (again, without the boys. They are SO OVER going into the new house.)

WOW -- I totally missed center on that one.

This week, our builder said they are installing the plumbing fixtures and some other odds and ends. It's moving along.

Now if the old house would MOVE ALONG ... that'd be great.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Our New Adventure - Bittersweet

Hey, gang,

Well, this is the last full week we will be in our old house. So weird to be moving after 17 years!

I spy a Fitzy photo bomb!

We're excited and sad at the same time.

I especially feel for Hubby and the boys. This is the house Hubby lived in since he was 5 (minus those 3 years we lived in a rental as newlyweds). And it's the only house the boys have ever known.

I'm feeling pretty sad, too ... so many memories here.

But I know God has wonderful things in store for us, and we're excited to see what He's doing.

Speaking of those wonderful things ...

We have bricks on one whole side now! WOOHOO!

I never realized how hard it is to get a good picture of a brick wall.

This picture is from the boys' bathroom window. SO EXCITING to see bricks on the windowsill! :)

We also saw some trim and doors sitting in the garage just waiting to be installed. And the cabinets should be going in sometime this week. I'll DEFINITELY be posting lots of pictures of those beauties!

Happy Monday, friends!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Our New Adventure - Quick Update

Hey, friends!

Just a quick update on our pretty girl. :)

This is a slow time -- lots of drywall finishing and priming, etc. But we saw this yesterday:

Of course, I will now break out into a rousing rendition of "Brick House."

Chick's a cow, chick's a cow, chick's a cow now.

You're welcome.

I love this artsy shot of the front porch.

Isn't she lovely?

(Oh, another song just popped into my head! And who said the 70s had dreadful music?)

While all that excitement is going on outside, some cool stuff is happening inside as well.

Drywall is done ... painting is happening!

I didn't get a picture of the boys by the fireplace this time, as they were ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. checking things out. But I did get this sweet shot of D-bug looking out his window:

I just got an email from Jason (builder) that the trim and cabs are going in NEXT WEEK! SQUEEE!!

Have a great weekend, peeps!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Showing Some Skin


Family room
Her guts are covered and she's showing some skin.

D-bug's room - that ceiling though!
It actually looks like a house now!

Beebee's room - so cute!

It also looks bigger. I thought the house would look smaller with the walls up and all closed off, but it looks larger. Optical illusion?

Playroom -- I can definitely see some shiplap in here!

Our excitment level just went up a notch!

Our bedroom -- love!
And now the decorating ideas are flowing.

My office-- I see bookshelves under those eaves

Going up!

Man, October needs to hurry up and get here!

On the current home front, all inspections are done and the buyers ask only that we leave the refrigerator (which we were planning to do anyway) and replace the vinyl floor in the half bath (small tear in the floor). THAT'S IT.

We were so concerned that they'd want us to replace the water heater, do some painting, fix some electrical, etc. But, God did it again! :)

So now, we're doing some vinyl shopping and apartment hunting. No luck on finding a rental house for only a few months, but there are several pet-friendly apartment complexes close by that have short-term lease options. Hoping that we all enjoy our close quarters and that the dogs don't drive me nuts being stuck inside without the big yard. Thankfully, we will be moving into the apartment a few weeks before school starts, so we will be settled before the homework kicks in.

Prayers for the move (and my sanity) are appreciated. ;)