Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting my paint on!

SCORE! We found some fabulous furniture this weekend at a local unfinished wood store that is going out of business. (FYI to my local peeps -- Goodwood on Forest Drive ... AWESOME deals! Go check it out!)

We went in for 4 dining room chairs, and came out with 6 dining chairs, 2 end tables, 1 bedside table and a beautifully finished king-size sleigh bed! (My hubby had to talk me into the sleigh bed, but I'm soooooo glad he did ... it's like sleeping in a swanky hotel bed every night, even with our pitiful old mattress.)

Anyhoots ... all of these new, yet unfinished, goodies means only one thing -- time get my paint on! Now those of you who know me well (Mom, Andrea -- talking to you here), know that I have great plans that rarely make it to fruition. Well, there's nothing like shelling out buckets of moola on unfinished furniture to get your hiney in gear, let me tell you! Knowing that two little boys-who-must-not-be-named are seconds away from reeking destruction on the result of our hard earned money is sending me into "GIT R DONE" mode.

Since I've only painted 2 pieces of furniture in my life (and one didn't turn out so well), I was rightfully hesitant to start. So I decided to begin with the bedside table, since it won't be in the limelight as much. Here's a before shot -- you can't really see the bottom due to our coffee table being in the way (please ignore the mess in the background ... our life is a work in progress):

Here's a side shot ... love the cute legs:

No, that's not snow on the carpet. That's tiny bits of styrofoam, courtesy of my boys.

Since we had some Kilz primer and some white semi-gloss paint left from our recent bathroom redo, I laid out the tarp (since I didn't have a drop cloth nearby) and got to work.

Now, I am no expert painter BY ANY MEANS but this is how I did it, so if you're planning to follow my methods, remember -- you've been warned.

Since the table surface was super smooth, I didn't sand first. (In hindsight, I probably should've given it a light sanding, even though I despise sanding.) I wiped off the table and drawers with a dry cloth. Then I started with a thin coat of primer. I painted all parts of the table that will show, and the drawer fronts. I didn't do the inside of the cabinet or the drawer sides or inside of drawers. I read online that you should paint all exposed surfaces of unfinished wood to keep the wood from swelling over time, but I'm taking my chances here.

I let the first coat dry for an hour or so, then added a second coat of primer. I let that dry for 5 hours (just to make sure).  Then I added a thin coat of paint, and let that dry overnight. Here's the result of those steps:

Pay no attention to my son's rubber boot on the couch ... don't ask.
Next, I gave it a light sanding ... amazing how many little bumps showed up after that first coat of paint. Then, a second coat went on, and another sanding.

Unfortunately, life got in the way, so my table is still sitting on the tarp waiting patiently for its third and final paint coat, and then the clear coat. I'll keep you posted on my progress....


  1. Hey, don't sell yourself short. I seem to recall painting bird houses at your dining room table a few years ago . . . white with a green roof? It was beautiful, and that is my completely unbiased opinion.


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