Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patriotic Cupcakes

OK ... my faithful readers may remember my post about how to make rainbow cupcakes. Well, I thought about doing those for Memorial Day, and then it hit me ... why not make Patriotic Cupcakes! How cute would those be?!

Luckily, I had the goods on hand, so off to the kitchen I went. Here's the result:

 Adorable, yummy and patriotic! Can't go wrong there.


I made these using a white cake mix, red and blue gel food coloring, white icing and blue and red sugar sprinkles. I layered the batter starting with blue, then white and ending with red. For details on how to make these (or the rainbow cupcakes), check out this post.

Happy summer!


  1. I just remembered that I can comment now! The cupcakes look wonderful . . . now, if you happen to master some girly-looking ones before, say, July 12-ish, I know a certain almost-two-year-old who would be elated. (Actually, I know an almost-two-year-old who would eat them if they were Flubber green.)


    1. Girly ones, huh? Maybe bright pink, light pink and white, with white frosting and hot pink sprinkles? Sounds yummy! :)


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