Saturday, July 27, 2013

Conversations with the boys

Here's some random fun ... snippets from various conversations I've had recently with my little firecrackers.

During breakfast:
Beebee: "I need some new breath!"
Me: "Why do you need new breath?"
Beebee: "Because my breath REALLY STINKS!"

On our way to daycare one morning, as the boys are hitting Beebee's lunch bag for no reason:

While rushing to finish dinner before we have to be somewhere at 5:30pm, and Beebee is playing on the elliptical:
Me: "Get off of that thing! I don't have time to take you to the ER!"

In the middle of the $1 section at Target on a busy Saturday morning:
Beebee: "Daddy, guess what!!"
Hubby: "What, son?"
Beebee (VERY loudly): "Three words! I. FAR. TED!"

As I'm tucking them in one night:
D-bug: "Mom, our family is weird."
Me: "Why do you say that?"
D-bug: "Because! Daddy knows EVERYTHING about computers! Like more than anyone else in the world!"
Me: "Well, he doesn't know everything, but that's his job. What about me?"
D-bug: "Hmmm ... well..."
Me: "Because I'm super fabulous?"
D-bug: "NO!" (long pause) "I need to think about this one...."

As I'm walking past the closed bathroom door:

While the boys are playing with a game:
Beebee: "Mommy! We're playing Munchie Munchie Hippies!"
Me: "Um, no baby. You're playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. Munchie Munchie Hippies was a game that was played in the late '60s."

Beebee: "Is Santa still watching us?"
D-bug: "Yes. Santa is ALWAYS watching us."

During bathtime:
D-bug: "Mommy, were you born in the '80s?"
Me: "No, baby. I was born in the '70s."
D-bug: "Oh, so you were groovy?"
Me (giggling): "Yes, I was groovy. But that's more of the '60s."
D-bug: (in all seriousness): "Oh, so you were funky then?"

While in the car:
Radio DJ: "What advice would you give a new parent?"
Hubby: "Run."
Me: "Pray a lot. And remove the breakables. Right, Beebee?"
Beebee: "Right."

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