Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shake ya pom pom, shake ya pom pom, shake ya pom pom!

I've never been considered a "girly girl."

God bless my mom ... she tried; she really did. But when my kindergarten teacher told her that she should stop sending me to school in prissy dresses since I came home filthy every day, she gave up. (Sorry Mom!)

So ... it must be all of the testosterone in my house (five males if you count the four-legged ones) ... I think the feminine part of me is kicking in to make up for the imbalance.

I've started getting into purses (not to the extent of my buds, but getting there) ... and monograms! LOVE monograms!!

Now I have a new frou-frou thing in my life ... POM POMS!!

(Sidenote: is it "pompoms"? or "pom poms"? Feel free to correct me, those of you on the Grammar Task Force.)

I swooned (well, not quite, but I was all "Ooohh, I likey a lot!") when I saw how Sara over at August Fields decorated her mantel for Valentine's Day ... so I decided to whip me up a pom pom garland! I had recently discovered that I really like aqua in decorating, so I knew her red, white and aqua color combo had to be in my house. (Plus, it reminds me of Dr. Seuss ... anyone else getting a Cat in the Hat vibe?)

But .... there was a problem. I had NO idea how to make a pom pom garland. So, I googled it (isn't it weird that "google" is now a verb?) and found this AH-MA-ZING tutorial from Craft, Interrupted. Girl's got skilz, let me tell you! Fo shizzle!

I hinted at making these little guys in this post. But here are they are in all of their splendor and glory.

Please forgive the sad iPhone pic ... I really need to learn how to work Hubby's camera.

Now ... I didn't have a needle large enough to string these together, so I just took some red yarn and tied them on. Very quick and easy to do. BOOYA!

I like pom poms to look handmade ... a little crazy ... a little rough around the edges ... kinda like most of the people in my life (you know who you are). But you can cut them a little closer to make them more uniform if you wish.

To hang the garland, I just used a little magic (as in "magic tape") ...

Easy! My favorite kind of decorating.

(By the way -- did you notice the sweet "fruits of the Spirit" sign I procured on our recent anniversary trip to Gatlinburg? I got it from the Kirkland's outlet. Too cute!)

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