Monday, August 12, 2013

Cute Target clearance find!

Ok, y'all know how I feel about paper ... well, you do if you've read my "about" page.

LOVE me some paper ... doesn't matter what kind or in what form ... stationery, note cards, stickies, notebook paper ... you name it.

So you can imagine my happiness when I came across these cuties at Target ... on the endcap!

"What?! More iPhone pics?! You're killing me, Smalls!"

Love the Albert Einstein quotes.

This might be my fave!

Each one of these was $2.10 on clearance. Not sure of the regular price, but I'm guessing at least $4 or more. They are all college-ruled, and the large ones (8.5" x 11") are 80 pages. 

This one is my new blogging ideas book. It is 8.25" x 6.5" and has 120 college-ruled sheets. LOVE!

Also, each notebook has a coordinating design on the inside covers ... this is what's inside the blogging book:

So cute! It's like pretty wallpaper or fancy fabric. 

Of course, I purchased these while back-to-school shopping for D-bug. Don't you just love the smell of notebook paper and freshly sharpened pencils?! (Or is that just me?)

Happy Back To School, everyone!!

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