Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apparently, he's part cat...

So ... remember when we got our new puppies 8 months ago? When they were sweet baby angels wrapped in snuggly soft fur?

Well, they grew.

Fitz watching the neighbors

And grew.

Georgie's favorite nap spot

And grew some more.

"What pillows?"

Both are 60+ pounds. Of puppyness.

Those of you who have/had puppies know what I'm saying. For the uninitiatied, puppies are basically toddlers ... very unruly, un-potty trained toddlers ... with sharp teeth and four-legged drive.

And we have 60+ lb toddlers.


Georgie isn't too bad. She's very loving and likes to run around, give the boys their nightly bath with her tongue, and piddle on the floor when you look at her, call her name, tell her "no," rub her tummy, walk into the room, etc.

Fitz, however ... he's the one to watch. He's super social, very friendly ... and can jump twice his height.

I'm guessing that somewhere along the line, a cat climbed up his family tree.

We discovered this hidden talent when our neighbor brought him home to us on New Year's Day, just as THE POLICE pulled up into our driveway.

It seems that ol' Fitzy was jumping our back fence (we have a BIG yard with lots of trees, and he always came when we called, so we weren't aware of this), then jumping our neighbor's fence (after visiting with them in THEIR LIVING ROOM by opening their back door -- which, of course, we didn't find out about until later), and then roaming the neighborhood making every dog freak out to the point where a neighbor called the cops.

Really?! Ya didn't think to call us first?!

But, I digress...

So, for about 8 weeks, we had to walk the pups outside each and every time they had to take care of business (do you realize HOW. MANY. TIMES. puppies have to take care of business in a day?) until we could afford to have a 6-foot tall fortress wooden fence built to keep him from escaping.

The fence is working, although the Hubs had to make sure every nook and cranny was covered up so they can't dig out (another hidden talent -- our yard looks like an archeological dig site).

Let's hope it keeps working ... yesterday, I saw Fitz try to jump the fence (using Parkour -- I kid you not) to traumatize play with the neighbor's cat ... and his front paws hit the top rail. Of the SIX. FOOT. FENCE.

Oh boy...

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