Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You ever have one of those days?

Those days when it seems like everything and everyone you know has conspired to make you suffer for some unknown-to-you misdeed?

That's how it's been ALL. WEEK. for me.

The "I've been at work all day and now I'm tired and grumpy so I'll let you handle everything and make critical remarks" hubby.

The "I know better than you and will inform you of such with my sassy backtalk and bad attitude" oldest son.

The "Let's see how many ways I can disobey Mom and get away with it" younger son.

The "Oh my goodnes, we must bark at EVERYTHING and run and tell Mommy and bark at her while she's on a conference call" puppies.

The "a little TOO honest" revelations about myself from trusted friends.

THAT kind of week.

So, whilst I was ranting and raving in the shower, I tried to calm down and think through the frustration.

Standing there, soap and tears running down my face, I began yelling at praying to Jesus ...

OK, so what does the Bible say about this? What should my attitude be right now?

Should I have the "seventy times seven" attitude? Maybe the "Jeremiah 29:11" attitude? Or even the "vengence is mine, I will repay, says the Lord" attitude?

Because, honestly, right now I'm really digging the "make a whip, turn over the tables and drive out the moneychangers" attitude.

Then, after a bit of mental table-flipping, I started thinking.

Because that's what women do.

I think about what a hard time my hubby is having with work, especially since his truck is currently acting the fool, so I've been taking him to work after dropping the boys off at school, and due to that, he doesn't get to eat lunch, and he has to wait later than usual to leave work so by the time he gets home, he's NOT a happy camper, and how we are under a lot of financial stress right now and have some major life decisions to make and we're afraid of making the wrong decisions, but he's the head of the house so the final say falls on him, but he has no clue what to do either, so he just wants to escape for a little while and not think about all of this stuff.

I think about how my oldest son is almost finished with 5th grade, and is facing the fact that he will be leaving his good friends to start at a new school next year, which will be a totally different experience since it's a private school, and that his birthday is next week and nothing has been planned since his parents' lives are cray cray right now, and that he's got a LOT of pressure from said parents to make straight As this last quarter, and his body is starting to go through some WEIRD changes, and he's trying to sort it all out.

I think about how my youngest son is developing his (very) independent spirit, and wants to grow up and do more things by himself, but he doesn't want to grow up and leave Mommy (as he told me last night), and his parents are tense and his brother is starting to act weird, so he thinks it might be his fault, but he doesn't know why.

I think about how the puppies are just puppies and everything is truly new and facinating to them and how they want to protect us and love on us and eat and sleep and that's it.

I think about the trusted friends who are going through their own issues and crises right now, and how sometimes things come out and/or feel like they need to be said that I may not be ready to hear, but may need to hear, and that they love me and would never mean to hurt me.

I think about how life is messy and we are all broken and the only way we will be fixed is through Jesus's blood and he gave me this specific cross to bear for a reason and that he's doing 10,000 things in my life and I'm only aware of maybe 3 of them (thanks, John Piper!).

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And then I think, Hmmm, my life really isn't that bad, and I should probably re-read the Book of Job, and stop my whining, and start counting my blessings, and that the main ones are already listed above.

Ok, I'll stop making the whip out of cords now* ....

*read John 2:15 if you need clarification. :)

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