Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a Miracle Stain Remover!

Hey, gang,

Sorry I've been MIA. We're in the midst of the "Last Days of the School Year" and it is CRAY CRAY in the house.

I'm sure most of you feel me on that.

Anyhoots ... I just wanted to share something fabulous I stumbled upon yesterday.

First - backstory:

The boys came home from school yesterday for the first time in weeks with NO HOMEWORK. Yes, angels were singing and there was much rejoicing all around. So they decided to celebrate by digging VERY large holes in the backyard, filling them up with water, and then digging them deeper.

Kids are weird.

So, when they came inside ... you can imagine the state of their clothes. And their arms. And their legs. And their hair. And their ears.

You get the point.

I immediately sent them to bathe, and promptly threw the clothes in the wash. Most of their clothes were dark colors, so I wasn't too worried about stains. But D-bug had just gotten a bunch of really nice hand-me-downs from his teenage cousin ... one of which was a shirt he wore outside.

Poor, poor shirt.

Even though my homemade laundry detergent is FABULOUS, I thought it might even need a little help on this one. 

So, I squirted some Dawn dish detergent in a little bowl, added some hot water, and poured it on the entire shirt muddy parts. Then I scrubbed the mixture into the shirt with my hands and scrubbed the shirt sleeves together, etc.

I may have also sent up a few prayers of desperation as well.

After the laying on of hands Dawn, I tossed it in the wash and hoped for the best.

This is what came out:

This is the SAME shirt. I kid you not.

(It's a bit shadowy in the picture ... those are NOT stains. This sucker looked like it just came from the store.)

Two things immediately popped into my head: 1) DANG! That's some good stuff! and 2) Why didn't I try that sooner?!

Since stumbling onto this stain removing wonder, I've found that others have already discovered this miracle cure or use similar methods. Apparently, I'm late to the party.

(Not the first time.)

But in case someone out there has never heard of this ... you're welcome. 

Now, go forth and remove some stains.

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