Sunday, January 10, 2016

Never Send a Man to Buy Whiteboard Cleaner ...

So, the cold weather finally hit SC this weekend -- and brought cold, windy days and more rain. (Because we so need more rain. NOT.)

Not that I'm complaining. I think the seasons should be distinct and not just be one big, humid, sticky, bad-hair-inducing, run-on sentence.

On Friday, D-bug got to spend the night with a friend so DH and I took Beebee out to eat (yes, we let him pick, and yes, it was a pizza place), and then to his fave store on the planet, Target, where we let him spend his leftover birthday money on some cool Lego Kylo Ren thing. (Because we so need more Legos and more Star Wars stuff at our house. NOT.)

(WAY TOO) Early Saturday morning, we dropped Bee off at Nana's house so DH and I could go to our first parent's work day at D's school. (Backstory: D-bug goes to a private, Christian school, and to offset costs, they have parents chip in by earning work credits via working in the lunchroom, selling concessions at games, and working their rears off on parent work days. That, or you have to pay extra $$. We will take the work day for $500, Bob.)

As this was our first work day, we promptly showed up at 8:00 a.m. without really knowing what to expect.

DUDE. We know now.

I need to make you aware of something before I continue. This school and campus are HUGE. Like MEGACHURCH huge. And I just finished physical therapy on my back and hip (due to some weird, never-diagnosed-but-felt-like-a-perpetual-charlie-horse-in-my-hip-muscle thing), so I'm still not running on all cylinders.

Back to our regularly scheduled program -- for our first work day, we landscaped the front entrance and main road, picked up trash from the front entrance to the main parking lot (think football field), cleaned ALL doorknobs, push bars, light switches, and stair rails (again ... BIG school), and then cleaned ALL the whiteboards (each classroom had at least one, some had three).

It took us 4 hours. FOUR. HOURS.

I don't even spend four hours cleaning my own house. But, it was the Lord's house, so it was worth it.

Did I mention the hip thing?

On a side note, I did find a broken turtle shell and a Nissan hubcap. I hope those two things weren't connected.

After that, we gathered our progeny from their respective locations and went on a hunt for whiteboard cleaner (since we used up a teacher's personal stash of the stuff to do all of the cleaning). After no less than THREE Google searches and driving to FIVE stores, we finally found some.

I literally could not walk anymore, so I did the driving (because that makes sense) and DH made the trek into each store to search for the cleaner.

Here's the convo once he found it:

Now, for those who may be newly married or thinking about marrying, let me give you a piece of advice: Never tell the Hubs that he can buy however many of an item he wants and that you're fine with it.

And how many did he buy?

Yep. Six.

D's teachers will all be getting whiteboard cleaner come Monday morning. (I feel like Oprah -- "You get whiteboard cleaner! You get whiteboard cleaner! EVERYBODY gets whiteboard cleaner!!")

And, with church today and Awana tonight, I may need to call my physical therapist and set up a consult. Or just a deep tissue massage.

Oh, and I have my new exercise class tomorrow night!

(I may have a muscular mutiny on my hands come Tuesday morning.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take some good drugs Advil and hit the hay. Intercessory prayer for my hip is greatly appreciated.

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