Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our New Adventure - Design Time Part 2

Picking up where we were last ...

The Kitchen (*SIGH*):

Y'all. This kitchen. It is going to be STUPID gorgeous. Open to the family room. A breakfast nook with windows on all three sides. A bank of cabs along the back wall, with the fridge and the gas range and overhead microwave. A set of smaller cabs on the side wall. A walk in pantry (that was HIGH on my must have list, considering I don't have a pantry right now). A butler's pantry area with floor cabs (I'm all about storage, my friends). And the NINE FOOT island in front containing the stainless sink and dishwasher.

Yes, you read that right ... NINE FEET of fabulousness!! I may sleep on that bad boy for the first week or so.

Here's a pic I snapped when we toured the model of this plan while it was under construction.

See what I mean. STUPID gorgeous. (Just so you know, this isn't our house ... just the model. So colors, etc. are different.)

The cabinets (which are the same in the laundry room, butler's pantry and all bathrooms) are a gorgeous shaker style that's painted white, of course, with brushed nickel bin pulls and knobs. And all the counters are Luna Pearl granite -- white background with gray and brown flecks. GORG!

Cab front with granite choice in background

For the backsplash, I totally channeled my inner Joanna Gaines -- white subway tile with very thin dark gray grout lines. Love it!

All of the faucets, etc., are brushed nickel, as well as the door knobs, hinges and light fixtures.

Speaking of light fixtures...

This is where I struggled a bit. I'm looking for something like this or this for the two-story foyer light -- big but simple, you know? But choices were VERY limited on the lighting side, and this is what we're getting...

Now if this is your thing, rock on. But this is SO not my taste. Way too frou-frou. But, since choices are limited and it comes with the house, so be it. Our dining room and breakfast nook lights are smaller versions of this as well -- all too "over the top" for us. So they will be going as soon as possible.

As for the other rooms, we get plain white ceiling fans with lights in the master bedroom and the family room, and a plain black ceiling fan with lights on the screened porch. The other lights (except listed above) will be those lovely builder boob lights, prewired for ceiling fans. So all that will be changing as well.

Speaking of the family room -- it has a fabulous coffered ceiling and a fireplace. The pic below is one I took from the model ... sweetness! Our fireplace is different than this one, but this is a great shot of the ceiling.

Our fireplace mantle is called "Kenwood" -- this is an upgrade to the base mantel, but the base one  is smaller and has dentil molding so looks a bit weird with our craftsman style (you can see a tiny bit of the base choice to the far right in the below picture). This one is chunkier and more "craftsman-y":

Don't let that crazy tile freak you out ... our surround is solid black granite. Much prettier!

For the stairs -- we considered getting stained wood treads, but as our boys are still young-ish and this is our first "step house" as the boys say ... and I'm a HUGE klutz ... we decided on carpeted treads for now. We may change later once the boys get older, and I get less klutzier (as if that'll happen). Our bannister will be stained to match the hardwood floor, and our spindles are a simple iron twist instead of wood. Love!

Outside, we get these gorgeous and large carriage lights flanking the garage, and the other outdoor lights are also black. The front porch light is a little too plain for my taste, so I'll probably change that out later.

Front porch light

Over that beautiful kitchen island (did I mention it's NINE FEET LONG?), we are having the builder prewire for two pendant lights. I was going to do three, but I'm thinking about something large such as this or this. The builder only offered a couple of choices, and I really didn't like any of them. So prewiring it is.

That about wraps up the design choices. We did pick out light fixtures for the bathrooms, but went with the base choices (as there were only two choices and both not great). So lots of shopping for lights in my future. And we added some recessed lights to the kitchen to brighten things up.

What do you think of the choices? Any decorating tips or advice? I'd love to hear from you!

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