Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our New Adventure - Design Time

Ah, yes ... my fave part of the process so far ...

Picking out our design choices!

Flooring! Tile! Cabinets! Carpet! Counters! Brick! Shutters! Siding!


Warning -- LOADS of pics coming your way...

Our builder has a design center, where they have rooms set up with samples out so you can see and touch your choices. (Think a really small version of IKEA.) Our designer was a lovely woman who TOTALLY got our tastes and helped us pick the best choices for us and our budget.

Some background for the uninitiated -- builders like this have different "levels" of houses they build, based on the plan and the neighborhood. And the materials you get to choose from are different based on those levels. Each level has different "base" selections -- those are selections that are included in the price of your home. Our house is in the "prestige" level, so we had some pretty awesome choices to choose from. However, there were some things that we wanted that were outside of our "base" selections. In that case, we had to pay extra for those. In addition, there were some selections that we didn't like any of the choices on (lighting for one), so we just stuck with the base selections and we will change those out later. I'll explain more as we go along.

We are BIG fans of "Fixer Upper" (who isn't?!) so that's kinda what we are going for, except a little less rustic. Lots of neutral colors -- white, gray, natural wood -- and then will add pops of color with furniture, pillows, etc.

First up -- the outside:

We had about 5 brick choices, so we picked Bessemer Gray (on the right in below pic) with light gray mortar. And we had 4 or 5 stone choices, so we went with Cobble Ledge in Gray Drift (on the left in the pic -- I love the rough hewn look of the stone, don't you?). The lighting in the design center wasn't the best, so the brick looks a little brown/red in this pic, but never fear - we took all of our final choices outside in the sunshine to see the true colors, and they look GREAT together.

For the vinyl siding around the garage roof, we chose Flint, which is a light gray. And for the vinyl shakes on the garage, we chose Cottage Gray, which is a medium gray. Our shutters will be craftsman style shutters and our front door is a two panel door with sidelights -- both the shutters and the door are Dark Navy. Our windows are white and our shingles are charcoal gray.

Close up of the Flint vinyl

Close up of the Dark Navy and the Cottage Gray

Close up of our charcoal shingles

Next up -- Flooring!

Our entry, dining room, kitchen and part of the first floor hallway will be hardwood -- Oak Granite 5" to be exact.

Our family room, upstairs hall, playroom, stairs and all bedrooms will have carpet in Castle.

Two of the bathrooms, the laundry room, back hall and mudroom will have vinyl floor in Seashell. I'd like to have some really cool slate tile in the back hall and mudroom eventually, but this works for us now.

Our master bath is going to be FABULOUS! The floor and 5' shower will be in Roca Linen White 12"x24" tiles with white grout. And the shower floor will be tumbled stone with light gray grout. So cute!

The Hubs (who is 6' 2") insisted on the big shower with the built-in bench seat. I wanted a soaker tub, but the shower was cheaper so we went for that. Never fear though, the bathroom comes standard with a smaller garden tub ... just not one deep enough to swim in. ;)

Ok -- this post is entirely too long already, so I'll cover the rest of the design goodies tomorrow.


  1. Very nice choices! I'm jealous.

    1. Thanks, Brandie! I'm writing about my favorites tomorrow ... the KITCHEN choices! :)


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