Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our New Adventure - Signing on the Dotted Line

Ok -- we're traveling back in time to three months ago.

So after much debate, prayer, etc. (see previous post), we decided to pull the trigger and build the house. Of course, it's not as easy as just "pulling a trigger." More like "writing your name over and over again until your fingers are numb."

When you put a contract on a new house with our builder, you have to first make all of your structural decisions (for example, each plan usually has several elevation choices, and then you have to decide on extras like a screened porch or adding an additional bathroom, etc.).

That part is pretty cool because our builder has an interactive floor plan program where you can make changes in real time and then print out the exact floor plan you want. Fun stuff!

Here's a picture of our plan -- of course the colors will be different but it's four-side brick with stone accents and craftsman columns. Isn't it cute?! Also, the plan will be reversed due to our lot location, so our garage will be on the left instead of the right.

Photo credit: Essex Homes

Once all of the structual stuff is agreed on and in writing, then you pick your lot. The section we are building in only had about 4 lots left, so we picked the one we liked the best. All of them were a little under a 1/4 of an acre (which is CRAZY small to us considering we now have over 1/2 an acre!), but ours is the flattest of the lots and is in a good spot neighborhood-wise. It backs up to a cul-de-sac where the lots are bigger, so we won't be staring straight into our backyard neighbor's house. It also works with our plan (only certain plans can go on certain lots due to plan size, setbacks, etc.).

We thought about picking a lot in the next section they were opening up, but that meant adding over $5000 to the cost of the house! And, even though many of those lots backed up to woods (which we loved!), they had a steep slope, so water would run straight down your driveway when it rained. So ... nope.

Once all of the choices are made, then you sign the contract (insert numb fingers here) and you put 2% of the total cost down to reserve your lot.

Once all of the paperwork is ratified and you get pre-approval from the mortgage company, then you wait for your Design Center appointment. This is where all the FUN stuff happens!

Till next time...

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