Monday, June 27, 2016

Our New Adventure -- We've got pipes!

We have plumbing!

Kinda hard to see ... but look to the left of the pic. See those white things sticking out of the ground with the black bottoms? Those are our pipes! :) Specifically, those are pipes for our hall bathroom and utility sink in the garage. And our master bath will tie into those I think.

As for that REALLY TALL pipe to the far left ... I've got no clue what that is. Even though Jason (builder) told us. Cannot remember for the life of me.

Here's a picture of the kitchen plumbing (to the left of pic) and the upstairs laundry and bath plumbing (middle of pic):

Once the plumbing is in, it has to be inspected before they can pour the slab. The above pics were taken on a Thursday. Here's what we saw on Monday:

We have a slab, people! :)

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