Friday, June 17, 2016

Our New Adventure

The Hubs and I are embarking on a new adventure....

Yep, we're building a house! WOOHOO! (cue angels singing)

Y'all ... this house has been in process for YEARS ... like a DECADE of years. We've been talking and looking and praying and driving through neighborhoods and touring model homes and analyzing floor plans and discussing with friends and family to get their input and stalking bloggers who are building houses and living vicariously through friends who were building a house and talking some more and praying some more and begging God to lead us to the right house .... for YEARS.

(At this point, I'd like to give a big SHOUT OUT to my peeps who have been on the listening end of these convos for all this time, and still are listening even now. Y'all are rockstars.)

For those of you who don't know, we currently live in the house that Hubs grew up in (been here for 17 years). It's a good house in a good neighborhood, but it's not OUR house. Do you know what I mean? We both have "before marriage" memories of this house, so sometimes I still feel like I'm living in his family's house, instead of living in OUR house. Does that make sense?

Also, our current house was built in the late '60s, so we've done MUCH work to it ... basically most of its "guts" are new. That's the main reason we've been here so long ... each time we'd think about moving, something would blow up, and there went the $$.

Our current home - ain't she cute? Photo by Chuck Holden Photograpy (who is AWESOME, by the way!)

But now, the boys are (much) bigger and they are starting to need their own space (they currently share a room). And Hubs and I want a place that's fresh. Just ours. Something we picked out together and won't inherit problems from the previous owners.

So we've decided to build!

We are going with a semi-custom builder, who has a wonderful reputation in our area, and picked a new neighborhood they've just developed. I won't be giving specifics here for privacy reasons, but we've chosen a new plan that just came out in January of this year, so only a handful of these have been built.

The neighborhood is built next to a lake, and will have some sweet amenities like a pool, clubhouse, walking trails, a beach, etc. And all of the houses in our section are brick, which was on Hubby's wish list. (We're all about low maintenance, people.)

Would you like to join us on our new adventure? We'd love to have you come along! I'll try to blog about each step we go through, so those of you pondering about going with a semi-custom builder can get an idea of how things go. We've already been in this process for three months, so I'll backtrack some in the next few posts.

Also, I'm sharing on Facebook and Instagram, so join me there, too. And I have a new hashtag if you want to follow that way: #ournewnest2016

Comments and questions are welcome! Are you embarking on a new adventure this year?

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