Friday, July 8, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Busy week!

Hey, gang,

Sorry for not writing sooner ... it's been a busy week, on the home building front, work front, kids front, life front ... but enough of that! Let's see some progress!

The stairs are in!

I spy a D-bug photo bomb!

We finally got to see the upstairs. SO. MUCH. FUN.

(Remember, we currently have a ranch style home, and Hubby and I have only ever lived in ranch houses, so having stairs is very exciting. Yes, it doesn't take much.)

The landing:

D-bug's room:

Beebee's room:

Laundry room:

Y'all just don't know how stupid excited I am about this room!!
Boys' bathroom:


I think the playroom has the best view in the house:

My office:

Our bedroom:

Our bathroom:

Here's a panoramic shot of our bathroom (hard to get a good pic of it):

The obligatory fireplace shot:

The "coming down the road" shot:

Beebee from his window:

Y'all ... walking around upstairs, we felt like we were HOME. I told Hubby I just wanted to pitch a tent in our bedroom and live there right now.

God is SO good to us, and we've done NOTHING to deserve it. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy and grace and goodness and love for us! And thank you for this new adventure!

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