Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Showing Some Skin


Family room
Her guts are covered and she's showing some skin.

D-bug's room - that ceiling though!
It actually looks like a house now!

Beebee's room - so cute!

It also looks bigger. I thought the house would look smaller with the walls up and all closed off, but it looks larger. Optical illusion?

Playroom -- I can definitely see some shiplap in here!

Our excitment level just went up a notch!

Our bedroom -- love!
And now the decorating ideas are flowing.

My office-- I see bookshelves under those eaves

Going up!

Man, October needs to hurry up and get here!

On the current home front, all inspections are done and the buyers ask only that we leave the refrigerator (which we were planning to do anyway) and replace the vinyl floor in the half bath (small tear in the floor). THAT'S IT.

We were so concerned that they'd want us to replace the water heater, do some painting, fix some electrical, etc. But, God did it again! :)

So now, we're doing some vinyl shopping and apartment hunting. No luck on finding a rental house for only a few months, but there are several pet-friendly apartment complexes close by that have short-term lease options. Hoping that we all enjoy our close quarters and that the dogs don't drive me nuts being stuck inside without the big yard. Thankfully, we will be moving into the apartment a few weeks before school starts, so we will be settled before the homework kicks in.

Prayers for the move (and my sanity) are appreciated. ;)

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