Monday, August 29, 2016

Our New Adventure -- Pretty Girl Update

Hey, peeps,

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. We've been stupid busy.

  • We packed up the old house (which took over a WEEK. Seriously -- we have TOO. MUCH. STUFF.)
  • We cleaned the old house. And then cleaned some more. And then cleaned some more. And then did some cleaning touch-ups.
  • We moved into the apartment -- AKA our temporary domicile. 
  • We learned that our pups are VERY picky about where they poop, especially when it's not in their own yard.
  • We learned that our pups can hold their bodily functions for a full THREE DAYS. 
  • We realized that just because you have a closing appointment for a specific date/time, that doesn't always mean the closing will happen on that specific date/time.
  • We found out that the VA can be difficult to work with and that they like to decide 90 minutes before a closing that they have "some more questions that need to be answered before giving final approval to the buyer."
  • We grew (and are continuing to grow) in our faith and trust in God to get us through a very trying time, especially when it comes to our closing being indefinitely postponed.
As you can see, these past two weeks have not been the most pleasant of our lives. But we continue to see God's fingerprints all over this process, and we're waiting and watching for him to show up and show off! 

Now -- to the fun stuff ...

We got to visit our pretty girl for the first time in two weeks.

And I got to see my kitchen with the cabinets installed.


I can't even.

That island has stolen my heart. Even with a layer of dust and grime.

Look at those chunky legs!

Seriously -- all the heart eyes!!!!!

And it doesn't stop there ... look at our shower!


Close up of the shower floor -- please disregard the cry for help coming from my toenails:

Here's the master vanity:

I don't think we had that much counter space in our old kitchen! I've always shared one sink since I was born -- first with two brothers, and now with the Hubs -- I don't know what I'm going to do with my OWN SINK.

Here's a snap of the boys' bathroom:

And the laundry room -- cannot wait to buy that sweet little chandlier and hang it up!

Here's the upstairs landing. You can see that over the top light fixture ... looking forward to that being gone too.

And here are the subway tiles just waiting to be installed in the kitchen:

Does anyone else think it's funny that tiles from the "United States Ceramic Tile" company are made in China?

Some of the outside lights have been installed, too.

And not to be left out, the usual fireplace shot (again, without the boys. They are SO OVER going into the new house.)

WOW -- I totally missed center on that one.

This week, our builder said they are installing the plumbing fixtures and some other odds and ends. It's moving along.

Now if the old house would MOVE ALONG ... that'd be great.


  1. Oh my GOSH, Mandy! Everything is so beautiful! As soon as I saw the snaps of your kitchen, I thought to myself "Ooooh, I would love to have that and put some subway tile up." - and then - AND THEN! - I found out you're doing just that. Can we talk about the heart eyes?! I have you know I have not typed so many exclamation points in my entire life, girl! Love this! Love you! Oh my GOSH! (P.S. Sending prayers about the VA stuff. GIRl. That is NOT intriguing. :) )

    1. The exclamation points are killing me!! :) :) And, no ... the VA issues are NOT INTRIGUING AT ALL. Hope y'all are doing well!


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