Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our New Adventure -- She's Almost Done!


Our pretty girl is almost done.

NINE MORE DAYS until we close.

Just a bit more painting to do and some final touches to add. We have our first walkthrough this Friday, and then we close next Friday.

It's been quite a journey, and even though we are excited, we're not WOOHOO excited, but more of a quiet "yay" excited.

This process hasn't been what I'd call fun. But it has been a huge learning experience ... one that we do not want to repeat it again anytime soon.

Like EVER. :)

But once we get those keys in our hands, it will be so worth it.

We did finally close on our old house. It was purchased by the sweetest older couple who are THRILLED with the house and excited to have a huge yard as they love gardening. They will fit right in to the neighborhood, and we're happy that everything worked out for them in the end.

We constantly see God's fingerprints throughout this process, even when He was quiet as we waited for the old house closing to happen. Those two weeks were uber stressful, but our faith stood firm (sometimes it felt like our faith was all we had!). God is always faithful and is always working, even when (and especially when) we can't see what He's up to.

One of my coworkers told me that we have to go through the test in order to have the testimony.


Thanks for joining us on our new adventure. I can't believe it's almost over ... that it's already been six months. But, soon, the real adventure will start -- beginning our life in our new nest!

PS - I haven't been taking as many pictures lately because the builder keeps the house locked up tight to protect it from any bad people who would want to hurt our pretty girl before she's done. So we have to schedule times to go inside with the builder or the agent, therefore less pictures.

But don't worry -- once we're in, there will be PLENTY of pictures! :)

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