Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our New Adventure - Two Weeks In

Hey, peeps! Sorry I've been MIA for so long. This moving thing takes a LOT of energy and time. WHEW!

Welcome to our new home!

D-bug greets you at the door

Well -- we're in!

And it's WONDERFUL!!

And very messy ... boxes everywhere ... can't find anything ... things disappear and reappear in weird places.

Fitz helping me unpack the kitchen

But we're in!

And it's starting to feel like home. :)

Now for the "cleaned up for blogland" pics:

Remember when I said here that this kitchen would be stupid gorgeous?

Was I right, or what?!

Those stools are PERFECT!

Our old chairs look a tad pitiful next to that pretty table

I found this adorable tray (actually it's a baking dish, but it's so cute, I'm using it for display) from Tuesday Morning.

Look at those sweet flowers!

And look at that granite! It's great for showing off and not showing dirt! (A definite plus in this house!)

Close up on that simple but fab subway tile backsplash:

And here's a close-up of the bin pulls and knobs throughout the house:

A shot of the family room and back hall from the kitchen:

A view from the kitchen/family room toward front door:

Here's a view of the stairs from the dining room (complete with Georgie photobomb):

And here's the dining room from the stairs:

And the downstairs guest bath (the only bathroom that has a fighting chance at staying clean):

The boys' bathroom -- going to do a nautical theme in here.

Isn't that shower curtain cute?!

Our bedroom:

It gets TONS of light in there ... so glad we got the extra windows.

I didn't get any shots of the master bath, the boys' rooms or the playroom -- those are definitely "lived-in." LOL!

We have a wonderful view of the sunrise from the kitchen in the morning:

And the sunset from the front porch in the evening:

And the pups are enjoying the fact that they can see over the lower window sills - so they sit in my office and watch all of the activity going on below.

We still have a hard time believing we're finally here. When we started this journey back in March, it felt like it would never happen. And now, we're settling in!

The Lord has been WAY so good to us! We do NOT deserve even to live, but here He is ... giving us the desires of our heart!

I pray that this house will be a blessing to everyone who enters it; that every visitor will feel loved and accepted and like family.

Side note - Fall is my favorite season, and we finally found our seasonal decorations (those got packed first and were WAY in the back of the storage unit so it took a while to dig them out). Hoping to have some decorating posts soon!

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