Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pink and Gold Monogram Door Hanger

In my previous post, I showed you my latest crafty effort -- this cute pink and gold front door hanger.

How much is that doggie in the window?

I wanted to have something pink and gold to match the baby shower theme. I dug around in some of my (still unpacked) boxes and found this large wooden "S" I'd bought years ago.

I think it cost about $12 at the time, and it is HUGE.

I found some white acrylic paint and brushes in my craft box, so I went to the craft store and bought some pink and gold paint. Each one was less than $2.

I bought two bottles of each, but only used just a bit of one bottle so keep that in mind when purchasing.

I started by painting the letter white, to use as a primer.

Moving box to protect my table for the win!
It dried very quickly, so I started with the pink next.

It ended up being WAY pinker than I wanted it to be (think Pepto). So while it dried, I mixed some white and pink together and brushed over the solid pink. This softened the pink and added a bit of texture and movement to the color.

So pretty!

I wanted to add a little something else gold to the front, so while in the store, I found a little chipboard "welcome" that worked perfectly. It cost about $2.

I primed it with the white paint, and then painted it gold. It came out so cute and shiny. (It took two coats and some touch ups.)

A little hot glue and VOILA!

Next, I added these sweet burlap rosettes I found at the store. They came in packs of 6, and were two different sizes -- large ones in light and dark burlap, and then small ones in light and dark burlap with little green burlap leaves. Each pack was $3-4. I used two large ones and two small ones, so I have several leftover for future projects.

I also took some wired burlap ribbon (1 1/2-in thick, I think - forgot to take a picture of the label), and followed this tutorial from MommySuite.com. Very easy to follow directions! The ribbon was $2.

Mine wasn't near as cute as hers was, but not bad for a first try!

I hot glued the bow to some cute gathered burlap ribbon I found to make the hanger (about $3 for a yard).

And here's the finished product:

It took about two hours total time and cost less than $30.

Our neighborhood is VERY windy (think wind tunnel), so the wood letter bangs around quite a bit. The Hubs suggested I add something to the back of the wood to keep it from messing up the door. I pulled out some of those self-stick, cut-to-fit floor protector pads, cut them to size and added them to the back of the letter.

It still blows around a lot, but it doesn't sound like someone is trying to break the door down now.

Side note: The day I went to the store to get the supplies, I was not alone. D-bug was selected as one of two 7th graders to represent their school in the Regional Spelling Bee. He didn't win (and felt really bad about it), so since he was out of school early, we hit up the craft store.

While I was shopping, he was up to his usual shenanigans:

I don't know where he gets it from!


  1. Mandy, hot glue a suction cup to the back of the letter, then stick it to the door. Works best on a metal door, but should do the trick! 😁


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