Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Huge Wood and Galvanized Steel Pendants

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Happy Friday, peeps!

Any big plans for the weekend? We have NO PLANS. And I'm really excited about that! #introvertedextrovert

OK ... in this post, I started talking about these beauties:

Seriously -- they just keep getting prettier!

And they are huge. I mean, H U G E.

16" square by 18" high.

I've had my eye on them for MONTHS ... since we first started talking about building. They are natural wood and galvanized steel. Each one takes four 25 watt bulbs, so they give off plenty of light. And they make such neat designs on the ceiling.

Here is the photo that I've been obsessing over inspired me:

Fixer Upper | The Takeaways - A Thoughtful Place:
*** insert all the heart eyes here ***

I've seen them priced from $250 to over $500. Umm ... NOPE.

I've searched and searched for something like this that is square and made of natural wood and adorbs and perfect and doesn't cost as much as my car. I found this one at World Market, but it's too small for our island and tends to be more gray than natural color.

I've been following different cool flash sale sites, like Decor Steals and Antique Farm House ... a new one I just found is Bits of Vintage.

So, I'm skimming through the Bits Of Vintage offerings while we were still living in the apartment and I come across THIS.


Can it be true?!

The EXACT pendant I've been looking for? And under $200?!


So, I clicked "add to cart" and got the dreaded message -- SOLD OUT.

*** insert all the sad faces here ***

Seriously, y'all. There may have been tears.

Over the next several weeks, I kept stalking the Bits of Vintage site to see if they ever got more of those beauties in stock ... but no luck. So it was with a heavy heart that I gave up the dream. (Melodrama for the win.)

Once we settled in the house, I was scrolling through the site once again -- not looking for the pendants, but just checking out their current deals -- and THERE THEY WERE.

In all of their splendor and glory. And they were IN STOCK.

*** insert angels singing here ***

I immediately called The Hubs and asked his opinion. Now he knows I've been pining over those suckers for months, so he did what any sweet husband who REALLY doesn't want to hear about those durn pendants for the rest of his life would do, and said, "Buy them."

They were delievered a week later.

And I've been swooning over them ever since!

Now, chances are when you click on this link, they may be sold out. But never fear, Bits Of Vintage will bring them back. Just keep looking. :)

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